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2. Concept

3. Prepare

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We implement, customize, and integrate Salesforce so your processes run smoothly.


We have experienced certified developers ready to assist you to go beyond configuration and reach the deeper abilities of the Salesforce1 platform.


Implementing Salesforce will help you gain substantial benefits, but implementing Salesforce and integrating it with your other back-office systems will give you the most value from the system.


Accelerate pipeline, drive revenue, and align marketing and sales with Pardot B2B Marketing Automation.


We develop beautiful websites and applications using the most modern technologies.


According to Informatica, 30 to 40 percent of the effort in a new application project is data migration*. At cloud crunch enterprise our experience is that the actual level is closer to 50% for the typical project.


We work with small businesses to large, workly traded corporations to ensure that they successfully leverage Salesforce and related technologies to drive growth and profitability.


Reports and dashboards are a critical component of the Salesforce Sales Cloud, delivering insight to sales reps, managers, and executives across your company, and on any device.


We provide functional and cost-effective apps to improve your business processes.


System Admin Training utilizes the “train the trainer” approach, which broadly consists of one-on-one training for your Salesforce administrator, and can be done virtually (via webinar) or on-site.


So, you’ve completed your implementation of Salesforce and you’re excited to have your team start working with Salesforce. You want to ensure 100% user adoption.


We offer support packages to fit all budgets. If the three options below don’t work for you, we can customize a package for you.









Our Awesome Projects

Great design comes from understanding customer needs

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Think unique. Be unique.

Make a difference using CLOUD CRUNCH ENTERPRISE.


“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone. We do this by providing smart solutions and assisting businesses to improve their processes. We help businesses cut costs, work more efficiently to save time, work smarter, and provide better service. This, in turn, improves the quality of life for the business as well as their customers. Giving people more time to enjoy the fun things in life.”

About the Cloud Crunch Enterprise

A company turning ideas into beautiful things

  • When you talk to us, you are talking to a person who actually understands what you need instead of a Sales Rep who sells you then hands you off to a developer. Expectations are set clearly right up front.
  • We have a track record of using creativity and intelligence to improve businesses processes.
  • We have a process mind and ability to understand your business goals. We are not just techie’s.
  • We know so many different technologies, other than Salesforce, that we can use when coming up with creative solutions and workarounds to Salesforce.
  • We will cost less than other similar companies because we keep overhead costs down and therefore don’t need to pass those costs onto you. We don’t have big offices or sales reps. We automate processes.
  • We are willing to travel where you are.
  • We are just available. Phone, SMS, online chat, video chat all the time. No set hours or days off. We just make it happen.
  • We provide amazing customer service.
  • We are fast and efficient. No corporate slow turnarounds.
  • We can have a conversation without using “tech talk” to listen to what you want and explain things so non-techies will understand.
  • We communicate very well and will understand want you to want.
  • We are smart and easy to get along with. Casual but professional.
  • We are highly honest, fair, and ethical. We expect the same in return.
  • We continue to find that we are in the top tier of Salesforce Consultants. Some of the best Salesforce Consultants. We actually solve problems.

What We Do?

How do We Work

  1. We are a modern example of a cloud-based company.
  2. We manage all our processes in the cloud using Salesforce to track and manage our projects.
  3. Chatter for internal communication.
  4. Google Docs for creating documents and collaborating easily.
  5. Regular meetings via Google Hangout and Skype and join.me for remote meetings and video conferencing.
  6. We practice what we preach.
  7. All we need to work is a computer and the internet. We communicate in real time from anywhere anytime.
  8. Most of the team is working remote from all over the world. Team members in United States, Uruguay, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, Croatia. We find and retain any talented person that fits our culture no matter where they are from. This gives us a world of talent to select from.
  9. All working from a home office or an office near their home. Like a co-working space. We are connected online and in real time, but enjoy the improved quality of life to live and work closer to home and where we want to be. Our success to work this way should be a model for any company who can work in the cloud.

Steps in our works

  1. We charge by the hour. 
  2. We provide estimated hours the best we can base on your project needs.
  3. If going over an estimate, we re-estimate and get approval.
  4. We charge for actual time and are honest about it even if it takes less.
  5. Use the Project Estimator Wizard to get an estimate for your project instantly.
  6. We charge for our time which includes everything from communicating, managing, developing, testing, etc. Anything you can do to help us be more efficient will save us time.

  1. We practice the Agile development methodology.
  2. Define what we know.
  3. Focus on priorities.
  4. Phase projects and break them up.
  5. This allows for quicker deployment. Get up and running and get feet wet, then fix and improve from there.

  1. We are honest, transparent, and communicate well.
  2. Estimates are provided via email for easy approval.
  3. Automatic email updates on the status of the project.
  4. Client portal is provided.
  5. Easy scheduling tool with our calendar links public and available.
  6. Dedicated conference lines and screen share links for each consultant.

  1. Scope project and try to define estimated tasks and hours.
    • This is done in a short time like 30 minutes.
    • Via a phone call and screen share or using the Project Estimator Wizard
  2. Decide to move forward, and make the deposit payment.
  3. Perform a detailed business process review or detailed review of requirements with your assigned Solution Architect.
  4. The Architect will analyze the process, goals, learnings, and design a solution to meet goals and draft a detailed spec that explains the process and development tasks and confirming estimated hours.
  5. Client approves the spec or parts of it.
  6. We develop and test functionality from the spec.
  7. Review and demo the system to the client.
  8. Train and roll out.

  1. We are Salesforce certified and stay certified with new versions.
  2. The training program designed by me for the whole team
  3. An extensive internal knowledge base on all topics for the entire team and access.
  4. Shared experience and expertise across the whole team.
  5. We are constantly learning new things, new apps, and designing unique solutions/concepts.
  6. As we learn we add to our training program and knowledge base to share with the whole team collectively.

  1. From our vast experience working with clients and implementing other platforms and apps, we have identified gaps where an app was needed or an opportunity to make something better or cheaper than others.
  2. We have a unique perspective and insight to design highly effective apps at very competitive prices.

Our Team Members

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Collect Ideas

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Magic Touch

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Finalize Product

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